Employers will be expected to pay a third of the provider costs for apprenticeship, it was announced today.






The new, employer-led funding model for the first Trailblazers’ group has been issued for apprentices starting on or before July 31 next year — and it has been set at a maximum of £2 from the public purse for every £1 from an employer.

It is believed to be the first time a mandatory cash contribution will have been required from apprentice employers.

A Skills Funding Agency spokesperson said: “Government will also provide extra funding for successful completion, to support businesses with less than 50 employees and for apprentices aged 16 to 18.”

The model has five bands into which apprenticeships would be placed, based on sector and estimate of size. Each band would have a funding limit.

For example, with the announced contribution percentages working out to around 67 per cent from government and 33 per cent from the employer, a £6,000 band would indicate £2,000 from an employer and £4,000 from government.

However, the government has said it wants employers to investigate the provider market and negotiate their own terms so that they might lower their own — and therefore the taxpayers’ — contribution. Read full article…