There has been a lot of talk lately about the standard of English and maths, not only in young people, but also in adults.

ann_gravells2If you are a teacher or trainer, there will be opportunities to help improve these skills, along with those of information and communication technology (ICT). This article will give you some ideas of how to embed these skills during your sessions, rather than treat them as separate subjects. You will find some useful web links at the end, which offer free access to courses and resources.

Terms have changed over the years; there has been Basic Skills, Skills for Life, Core Skills, Key Skills, Essential Skills and now Functional Skills. There is also the Minimum Core of literacy, language, numeracy and ICT, which is included in the teacher training qualifications. The Functional Skills of English, maths and ICT are embedded in 14–19 learning programmes and apprenticeships, and are available as stand-alone qualifications for adult learners. Whatever term is used, the purpose is the same, to enable people to function confidently, effectively and independently in life and at work. Read full article…

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