Download TOK resource: 2017 TOK blog posts, collected

Dear TOK teachers — Again this year, I’ve gathered into a single document my year’s blog posts on Theory of Knowledge so that you can skim them easily, looking for ideas for your own teaching.  Note the Table of Contents at the beginning for an immediate overview.  Please feel free to download this resource, and to use it and share it freely (with the usual conventions of acknowledgement).

My goal in this blog is to give support to teachers by supplementing your core resources with fresh ideas for teaching TOK, activities for the classroom, and commentary relevant to TOK on current knowledge discoveries and events of the world as they pass.  My stress throughout is on thinking critically to gain the best knowledge possible, and on appreciating reliable knowledge as the achievement that it is.  I hope that, somewhere in this document, you may find something that stimulates your own ideas.

DOWNLOAD: 2017 TOK blog posts Dombrowski

I wish all of you an excellent year ahead.

Eileen Dombrowski

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