A Handy Compendium of 2015 TOK Posts, downloadable

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Searching within a blogsite is easy — using a menu, a tag cloud, a search window. But for browsing a whole group of posts, isn’t it easier to have them consolidated into a single document for scrolling? Myself, I think so! And so….today I’ve pulled together everything that Theo and I have written on Theory of Knowledge in 2015 and added a Table of Contents.

DOWNLOAD HERE:  2015 blog posts compendium

In case you have a slow internet connection, I’ve also saved the 2015 Compendium in a version that’s lower resolution but still readable.  DOWNLOAD SMALLER FILE HERE:  2015 blog posts compendium.compressed

However you skim what we offer, I really hope that you’ll find something that will stimulate your own thinking. I really love the course myself for its exploration of ideas and engagement with all the ways in which we human beings construct our knowledge of our world, and I’d be really happy if I could add anything to your own enjoyment of the course.

Moreover, as 2015 ends, and 2016 begins, I feel all the more strongly that a course on thinking critically is essential to our students if they are to navigate a world of conflicting knowledge claims and perspectives, and to recognize the relevance of their own growing knowledge. May our TOK course help them find the excitement in the academic sphere, appreciate the diversity of human perspectives, and identify for themselves a purpose and means to contribute!

Happy New Year!

Eileen Dombrowski,  January 11, 2016