Perspectives and manipulation: 6 photographers and a single subject

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At first glance, this three-minute video ( 6 Photographers Capture Same Person But Results Vary Widely Because of a Twist ) provides a visually engaging, if rather obvious, illustration of differing perspectives at work as 6 photographers take distinctly unlike pictures of the same subject. Taken at face value, it’s an appealing resource for a TOK class on the effect of what we think (perspectives, WOK intuition/reason) on […]

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The psychology of celebrity 4: fact and fiction

In the final post in this short series on the psychology of celebrity, Dr Jane McGee looks at whether fictional characters can truly be celebrities, and concludes that celebrity is nothing without its audience. Psychologists also debate whether fictional characters such as  Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse or Pepper Pig can ever be considered celebrities since […]

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