Practicals on film: using the new Kerboodle videos for catching up and revision

Teacher carrying out practical

As part of our regular Kerboodle updates we have produced some videos of the A Level Year 1 compulsory practicals. It is not always possible for a student to carry out all of the practicals; they may miss a practical session due to illness or timetabling issues. These videos enable students to see the practicals being carried out in a lab by teachers. Each one contains skills that are relevant for the AQA Required Practicals or the OCR Practical Activity Groups.

Close to exam time, they can also be watched as part of students’ revision, as a refresher on the skills that they will be examined on in their written papers.

Each video starts with a screen showing which compulsory practical it relates to and which of the Apparatus and Techniques skills are covered.

Image of introductory screen

This is followed by a screen containing the safety information.

Image of safety information screen

Image of video screen

The video then shows a teacher carrying out the practical and commentating on the process as they go through.

A narrator highlights key points to remember about the method and results.

Image of teacher carrying out practical

Also included are animations of the equipment setup and any graphs that can be plotted with the experimental data collected.

Image of apparatus screen

Image of graph screen

Each video is also subtitled so that students can capture all of the key points.

There is a video for each of the Year 1 Required Practicals for AQA Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and for the Year 1 content of OCR A Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Every practical carried out in the videos is available on Kerboodle in the relevant practicals folders.

The Year 2 videos will follow this autumn.

You can view examples of the videos on Youtube. To find out more about Kerboodle, visit our website.