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We are getting lots of visitors to this site and would really like to make it as useful as possible (within the bounds of our capabilities!). So tell us what kind of things you’d like to see in this blog – more news-type items? More activities for students? Exam-focused stuff? Things for teachers? Things for students? You can write a comment here or send an email to us

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  1. Becky says:

    A chat room would be good. I have just been developing SoW for the new AQA-A AS and would welcome other teachers thoughts about which unit might be better to do in January PSYA1 or PSYA2??

  2. Adrian Frost says:

    We thought about a chat room and it’s something that i’m sure will get considered in the future…. as for Jan exams, many folk i’ve spoken to are still definitely going to use them (though centres vary on how happy they are about this i know) – the crux of it seems to be whether research methods are something that can be taught in one term or they are in some way different from the other content and understanding of them needs to grow in a more organic fashion over the course of the year….

  3. As I understand it the research methods questions on Unit 2 will be restricted to topics that would have to be taught to comprehend this part of the specification e.g. ethics and Milgram, validity for all research, correlation for stress. However, methodology is a key evaluation issue so one problem ends up teaching quite a lot of research methods without knowing it. Which means that you really have to do 3 1/2 topics if you teach Unit 2.
    I’ve done some straw polls at teacher meetings and found the majority were going with Unit 1.

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