What we did on our holidays

Evie with puppy

psychology-a2-5edThe summer is generally a quiet time in A level psychology after the hectic academic year that’s just finished but this year is different. At OUP we are feverishly working on high-quality resources for the new specification and now even our cover stars are producing their own ‘resources’. Yes, the big news is that Evie, our lovely A2 Exam Companion Irish Setter puppy (now fully grown up) has produced puppies of her own! Born last week, she gave birth to four beautiful girls and four handsome boys. Mother and pups are doing well, and of course the new ‘student pups’ are all securely attached!

We’ll be giving you updates as the pups grow and make their way into our next generation of books, but in the meantime you can check their progress yourself on Evie’s own website ‘Evie’s puppies’.