Violent video games

Many people believe that playing violent video games is linked to increased in aggressive behaviour. However a new study by Swedish researchers Bennerstedt et al. (2011) offers an alternative perspective. They suggest that cooperation rather than aggression is more important in video gaming. The researchers spent hundreds of hours playing video games and watching other gamers. They especially focused on games where participants have to fight against each other. They found that successful gamers were considerate and cooperative, whereas those who acted aggressively tended not to do well.

One thought on “Violent video games

  1. hots boost says:

    I am definitely more willing do defend video and computer games than to accuse them. After all they develop many useful skills and many of them are meant to support areas such as culture and education. I am far from the idea that a violent video game would make someone aggressive, but I do believe access of children to such content should be limited.

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