Typo in Year 1 book

On page 104 of the AS/Year 1 Complete Companion 4th edition there is a diagram of Little Albert’s conditioning. The last row indicates that the white rat is a CR – it is a CS (conditioned stimulus). The fear response is the CR (conditioned response).

5 thoughts on “Typo in Year 1 book

  1. seonaid says:

    On page 63 – chapter summary are the definitions for retroactive and proactive interference the wrong way round?

  2. Yes it is the wrong way round, thanks for pointing this out.

  3. yuko says:

    Hi, I think I found a typo too in the following page.

    On page 51 of AS Complete Companion 4th edition book
    Distinguishing episodic and semantic memories

    Hodges and Patterson(2007)-some Alzheimer patients retain the ability to form new episodic memories but not semantic memories.

    Irish et al.(2011)-Alzheimer’s patients who have reverse-poor semantic memories but generally intact episodic memories.

    Irish’s study does not seem to be the reverse of Hodges and Patterson’s study and there is no double dissociation between two studies.

  4. A rook says:

    I too am struggling with the double dissociation exemplified with Irish et al 2011 on pg51

  5. Ruth says:

    On page 149 it states acetylcholine is inhibitory yet on 151 is says it is excitatory.

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