The publisher apologises

Someone (not me!) mistakenly included a claim on the back cover of the A2 Complete Companion that we would be supplying answers to the ‘Can You’ questions on this blog. We did not intend to do this – partly because it would be a mammoth task! But equally it would somehow defeat the purpose to give students ‘an answer’. The intention of the A2 ‘Can Yous’ was to help students break their essays down into do-able chunks drawing on the material on the spread. While this might be useful to provide answers at AS, we didn’t think we should be providing this for A2 students. Having said that we do intend to produce an A2 exam companion (one day) which will provide some answers.

0 thoughts on “The publisher apologises

  1. Sarah says:

    is there no way of getting help with these answers?

  2. Hello Sarah

    We feel we have given you lots of help! The answers are all on the page – the questions are there to guide you in how much you need to select when writing an essay and what kind of material you will need. We have provided one sample answer at the end of each chapter to give further guidance – but the bottom line is this is A2 studies and you need to learn to construct your own answers to prepare you for future studies, such as going to University.

    We will eventually produce an A2 exam companion which will give further guidance – but this won’t be until well after you have finished. At the moment we are working on further AS books.

    However, if you do have specific questions about exam answers, please do post them and we will try to help.

    Yours, Cara

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