Thanks for letting us know …

The new A2 Mini Companion is out and already a few people have kindly let us know about our mistakes (to err is human)

Page 8   At the top of the page, on the left hand side, it says ‘Ultradian rhythms’ and half way down says ‘Infradian rhythms’. These should be swapped. (Thanks to Jane Cochrane for letting us know).

Page 57   Under the subheading ‘Specification’ (about half way down the page), it says ‘Gender’ and should say ‘Intelligence and learning’. (Thanks to Sara Berman for this).

One thought on “Thanks for letting us know …

  1. Just to add to that – another teacher has pointed out that infradian and ultradian are also the wrong way round in the glossary of the dog book. 🙁

    Thanks to Laura Tams for pointing this out.

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