Order me thirty labcoats!

As you are probably aware, there’s always been a debate concerning whether or not psychology is a science – indeed this has been a topic on second year essay papers for years –  but a while back the QCA messed up everyone’s chances of getting any discussion points on that question, by making a declaration that yes, psychology was a proper science after all …..

I got quite excited about this for a while – at last I could look at  ‘hard’ scientists in the chemistry department with my head held high… but being a real scientist has got a bit boring lately. It turned out all it meant was a new A03 skill on the exam papers :- criticising research methods, which was something we’d all been doing for years anyway.

However, I cheered up when a few days back I got an email about this site, which has everything I need to kit myself out with a proper psychological scientific research lab: sinister one-way mirrors, lie-detectors, goggles that make your perception go all wonky, weird little roller things that measure your sensitivity to pain and…. best of all…. a bobo doll:


No fake electric shock generators yet…. but I’m sure they’ll get some back in stock soon…