Older adults have less accurate memories

On page 35 of the AS  Complete Companion the text concerns the influence of age on the accuracy of eyewitness testimony. A study by Yarmey is discussed under the heading ‘Age differences in accuracy’. The second sentence says that there were no significant differences in the accuracy of recall – but this is wrong. The final sentence should read:
Young (18-29) and middle- aged (30-44) adults were more confident in their recall than the older (45-65) adults. There were also  significant differences in the accuracy of recall – the oldest group were inferior to the other two groups in terms of accuracy of recall.
This also affects the summary on page 41 which should now say ‘Younger Ps more confident and also more accurate in recall than older adults (Yarmey).’
AS Mini-Companion on page 19, should now say ‘Yarmey found that older adults (age 45-65) were less confident in recall of a confederate and also less accurate than younger adults.’
AS Exam Companion on page 31, should now say in Romeo’s answer to question 6 ‘…I would tell them that older witnesses tend to lack confidence in the accuracy of their recall compared to younger witnesses and are also less accurate (Yarmey, 1993).’