New spreads for A2 Anomalistic psychology

A teacher has pointed out a small error to one of our updated spreads. On the ‘Personality factors in anomalous experience’ spread that replaces pages 266-267, reference is made to an article by Wiseman and Watt (2004). In the text this is incorrectly referred to as Watson and Watt. In the box the results say ‘found a stronger link between neuroticism and negative superstitions than with positive superstitions’ but it should be the other way round ‘.. between neuroticism and positive superstitions than with negative superstitions’.

If you haven’t downloaded these free updates you can find them here.


2 thoughts on “New spreads for A2 Anomalistic psychology

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Cara

    Where can I get support for the application questions on anomlaistic psych? Is there a section somewhere providing model answers on just the application questions at the bottom of the ‘Can You’ section?

    • Hello Lisa

      We have not supplied answers to the A2 ‘can you’ questions as we felt that at this level students really need to rely on their own ability to construct an answer from the text. I appreciate that may be more tricky for the application questions but there is support in the A2 Exam Companion (see pages 157 and 159).


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