Meichenbaum comments on SIT

We contacted Donald Meichenbaum, the man who developed Stress Inoculation Training (SIT), to get permission to use his photograph in the latest edition of The Complete Companion. He asked to receive a copy of the finished book and has written to use saying ‘Please send my congratulations to the authors Mike and Cara. The book is engaging and informative. I appreciate the attention they have devoted to my work on Stress Inoculation Training (SIT).’ However he did also point out that one of our criticisms might be a tad unjustified. We suggest that one disadvantage of SIT is that the treatment takes a long time. He says, in fact, it has been applied successfully in as short as one hour in helping medical patients prepare for surgery and for cardiac catherization examinations. He further points out that one of the strengths of SIT is its adapatability to meet the varying demands of populations. Finally he mentions his own website which you may find interesting.