Interested in psychology education and research?

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

In his Oxford Education blog, Tom Bennett discusses the launch of the first researchED conference dedicated to maths, science and psychology education:

In November 2015 we held our first subject specific conference: researchED English and Literature, in Swindon. It sold out, and we’re now proud to say that Maths and Science will be the focus of our event on June the 11th at the University of Oxford. How we teach, and how we teach maths, science, and psychology in particular, will be the theme. What are the best methods? What content is most useful? How do we begin to make students literate in these fields, at any age? These questions, and other controversies, will be addressed in a day of key notes, debates and panels from some of the UK’s top speakers and experts in this field. Not just from academia, but classroom teachers and leaders, and other intermediaries. Read full article…


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  1. Daniel says:

    Hey thanks for the news! one of my psychology students is looking for something related. I shall pass this to her.

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