Exam boards’ statistics

I have assembled the latest statistics from all the Psychology exam boards showing the percentage passes for the June 2008 and June 2009 series. This document can be accessed here. You can view the JCQ statistics for all A levels here.Makes interesting reading … certainly challenges some of the assumptions teachers make about which boards are easiest – though to some extent this is influenced by the kind of students directed at the different boards.Any comments?

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  1. Jay says:

    Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the percentage of A grades for the WJEC spec is lower than all the rest for A2? Does this mean that the A grade is ‘harder’ to achieve on that board? I hope this is not the case for the new spec.

  2. I think it suggests that the exam is harder – though this is assuming that the standard of candidates taking the exams are the same across all the boards. If people changed to WJEC because their students were struggling with another exam board this might explain the lower percentage. On the other hand they may just be applying a more stringent standard.

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