Holy Interactive Digital Resources..!!!

I just noticed there’s a Freud quiz appeared in the digital resources section of this site. On the surface it appears to be a straightforward tickbox exercise encouraging contemplation of the strengths and weaknesses of his  approach to the treatment of mental disorders – however, like all good psychoanalytic research, there’s more to it than that: Like the psychodynamic model of the mind, it works on two levels, and the seemingly random or pointless aspects of the task are often the most insightful:  In this case, once you’ve answered the questions and thus completed the rational ‘surface’ or ‘manifest’ aspect of the activity, you can then click on the handy drawing tool and scrawl pictures of Batman all over the page – thus allowing a valuable insight into the darker hidden thoughts and wishes of your unconscious mind…. this being , of course, where all the true action takes place in Freudian theory…

Tell you what, save the pics (press ‘print screen’ on your keyboard and paste into a document) send ’em in and maybe we’ll have ourselves a little online psychodynamic gallery / therapy session….?

I feel less stressed already…. you can tell I’m supposed to be doing something else can’t you? ….. (I think this is what Freud termed ‘displacement‘ …)