Consultation on new A Levels

Earlier this month (9 April), the DfE published the results of its consultation on revised A level subject content. This includes the proposed AS and A level subject content for psychology. On the face of it, there are very few changes required: a quick comparison with the 2006 QCA requirements shows virtually no difference in requirements. This subject content will make up 60% of what exam boards will use to write their AS and A level specifications.

Does that mean we should anticipate very few changes to the new exam specs? With exam boards starting to advertise introductory training events before the summer holidays this year, it shouldn’t be long before we see the new specifications. Rumours abound about what these will be like, including the suggestion that a combination of specs A and B will involve bigger changes to the resulting AQA specification and assessment than is required by the DfE. We’ll keep you posted!