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Brain stock image

I came across the excellent ‘London Brain Project’ as I was surfing the web for inspiration for teaching psychology.

“We helped children get to know their own brain, in all it’s beauty and gory, during our ‘Meet your brain!’ Art-Science workshops at the Imagination Lab London, and as part of the London Science Festival 2014.  Many thanks to Alex & Ashok for their invaluable science communication work! A short educational film based on the workshop is coming soon so watch this space!  In the mean time, take a browse at some of the fun we had…”

It really does look like a fantastic project and I was particularly inspired by some of the activities they were running with primary school children on this page:

In my experience, there is only a small gulf in maturity between post-16 students and primary school children so I am fully intending to adapt some of these ideas for my A Level classes! With a bit of thought, there is some inspiration here for teaching the biological and cognitive approaches. I thought this page was definitely worth sharing on the blog.