Bit of a Freudian typo!

Oliver Shipstone, from Akeley Wood School, found an amusing typo in the Visual Companion on page 13 (top right). It says Loftus found that if a person is asked “Do you get head frequently” Loftus didn’t ask that question – she asked about headaches, as the rest of the text suggests.


3 thoughts on “Bit of a Freudian typo!

  1. oliver shipstone says:

    haha thank you, Mrs bailey told me she would do it, im so glad she did 🙂 thanks

  2. Sarah says:

    There is another typo (I think) On the student answer Question H)ii) page 303 – The question says it’s a non-directional hypothesis (two tailed), the answer seems to treat it as a directional hypothesis (one tailed) but I think the answer should be 0.472 =)

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