Attention teachers! Free A2 chapters

I know many teachers are planning to start the new A2 course after this year’s exams and therefore were hoping the new A2 books would be out in time. Unfortunately, it looks like the A2 Complete Companion will not be published until the end of June – however we thought it might help if we made some chapters available on this website for anyone to download. We are thinking of offering the chapter on Aggression and on Research Methods. Let us know if you would prefer other chapters.One thing to consider is that some of the new topic areas actually can be largely taught with the existing books – such as Biological Rhythms, Relationships and Mental Disorders (a good link from AS to A2).       

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  1. Wendy Jones says:

    I would find it extremely useful to see the Research Methods section. I am planning to start teaching this on the 20th May. Thanks

  2. The research methods chapter is just about completed and should be available by the end of next week, along with the chapter on Biological rhythms.

    In answer to another query – the book will cover all options on Units 3 and 4.

    Please do contact us with any further queries, suggestions.

  3. amina nakhuda says:

    The research methods section, but we are thinking of focusing on unit 3 first…is there any chance of looking at aggression (as mentioned earlier), gender OR relationships?
    Its a nightmare as books are not getting published till very late and we are teaching the new A2 again very soon. Thanks again.

  4. One chapter is now on the website (biological rhythms) and research methods should be there soon – the link isn’t working at the moment. Aggression and relationships should follow soon – but possibly not for another two weeks.

  5. Suzanne Wain says:


    Would it be possible to post the chapter on Eating disorders?

    Many Thanks

  6. Hi Suzanne

    I have contacted you by email.


  7. Jill Wallis says:


    Also wanted to look at the chapter on Eating behaviour and gender. Would it be possible to post the chapter? Although very enthusiastic about some of the topics have never taught it before so will need some guidance from the text book.

    Thank you

  8. Hello Julie,

    Will contact by email. Hope the text book will help you make up your mind! A lot of people are finding it difficult to choose topics. Have a look at discussions on the TES staffroom.


  9. Mike says:

    I am wondering if you could email me the chapter on Eating disorder. As i will be teaching that topic for the first time & i wanted to read upon on it before i start teaching it in a week. I will appreciate it if you could email me the eating diorder topic.
    Thank you once again

  10. Laura Warman says:

    Hi Cara

    Struggling to find anything on eating disorders. Any chance you can email me a sample chapter?



  11. Hi Laura

    The book is now out so hopefully that will help you.


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