ATP 2014

Many thanks to the organisers of this year’s ATP conference for an exceptionally informative and inspiring three days. And many thanks from all at the OUP stand to all the teachers who spared the time to fill out questionnaires, give us feedback on our publishing and tell us what they needed from us for the challenges of 2015 and beyond.

Two ATP winners from our popular 'unlock the box' game

Two ATP winners from our popular ‘unlock the box’ game

For publishers, ATP is a great opportunity to hear from the experts – you – about what we need to do better, and what you like about what we have done, too. A highlight for us at this year’s ATP was a note from two students of Debora D’Auria, who wrote to Cara to say thank you for one of the Complete Companions titles, describing it as ‘a godsend for AS psychology students everywhere’. After all those sessions describing the changes and challenges that next year brings, it was wonderful to have this reminder of what it’s all about!

2014-07-05 11.02.31

Debora and Cara with a letter from two of Debora’s students