As if you were interested …

We are now on our 3rd reprint!! Which has given us the opportunity to correct a few more silly mistakes (some readers kindly write in and draw our attention to these – please feel free!)

Perhaps the most important error is on Page 45 , the bars on the graph have been mislabelled – the purple is resistant attachment and light blue/turquoise is secure attachment.

A few small typos:

Page 13 Can you 1.5 There is an error in question 1 – should say working memory model and not have a question mark.

Page 45 Research methods 2.2 should be 2.1

Page 60, activity 2, task 2, add another line to the box which says ‘Parent leaves, infant plays, stranger offers comfort if needed’

Page 76. The title on the left handside should read – Baddeley’s study of STM Encoding, not capacity.

And finally, the following note will now appear by the multistore model on page 8:

The original multi-store model, which was proposed in the 1960s, only identified ‘rehearsal’ as the means of retaining information in STM and transferring information to LTM. However, the diagram above shows a revised version which was changed in response to Craik and Lockhart’s criticisms (see page 10). The model can be revised to distinguish between maintenance rehearsal and elaborative rehearsal (Raaijmakers and Shiffrin, 2003).