AS exam companion – small error

Catherine Harries of Coopers Coborn School has already spotted an error in the just released Exam Companion. On page 16, question 5 Alice’s answer says that STM has unlimited capacity and duration whereas LTM is limited. It should be the other way round. However, it may be worth pointing out that an examiner would still give her credit for this answer but not full marks.

Please do let us know if you spot any other errors.

2 thoughts on “AS exam companion – small error

  1. Jen Kelly says:

    How many marks would the examiner award for this answer? It is a silly mistake that I see quite often in my pupils work and I’m not sure how much credit to give them.

    • The mistake in this case doesn’t make the answer ‘muddled’ just ‘generally accurate’, which would probably be one less mark (3 instead of 4 out of 4). If there were other mistakes the judgment might be that the answer was muddled and would be 2 out of 4 or even 1.

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