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A student recently pointed out an error in the AS Book on page 119 – in the Do it yourself feature we have suggested that one way to help yourself to remember the terms related to the body’s response to stress is to use more familiar ideas to represent the different words. For example, you might try to remember those Spanish cousins ‘Adrena Cortez’ (the adrenaline junkie) ‘Adrena Medulla’ (with her cortisol habit). However that is the wrong way round – Adrena Cortez has the cortisol habit. Sorry! Thanks to Jasmine Nelson for pointing this out (and telling us how much she liked this blog).

4 thoughts on “Are you reading this?

  1. John Nordstrom says:

    On page 26 there is an error in the chi-squared test. Midway down the page they compare observed and expected by multiplying 17 x 5 / 36 = 7.08; the equation should be 17 x 15 / 36 = 7.08

    The number presented is accidently been left as a five (5) instead of a fifteen (15).

    On page twenty there is a grey box with no image installed.

  2. These comments apply to the uncorrected proofs for the A2 WJEC book – the grey box has been changed but no one spotted the number mistake. Thanks John. It will be corrected in the published version due out at the end of January I believe.

  3. John Nordstrom says:

    One of my colleagues has also found another error in the new A2 text. On page 196 the labels for the somatypes are in the incorrect order. Ectomorph and endomorph should be swapped so it is endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph.

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