A quick look at candidate numbers

As and A Level candidate numbersProvisional results from this summer’s exams shows A Level Psychology holding its ground very well, with 96,908 students taking AS and 56,088 taking A2. While there were 187 fewer candidates at AS this year than last, this compares very favourably with the drop of 4,842 (4%) taking AS English. Psychology remains the fourth most popular A Level subject at both AS and A2, with any possible challenge from History or Chemistry some way behind.

A Levels overall saw a slight decline in the number of papers awarded A/A* (26.3% compared to 26.6% in 2012), and Psychology joined this trend with 21% of students getting A/A* compared to 21.7% last year at A2.

Well done and congratulations to all Psychology students for all your hard work and commitment, and good luck in whatever you decide to do next. And well done to all Psychology teachers, too!