Short Summary Sheets

One of my Y13 students intends to resit Statistics 1 and Core 2 in summer this year, alongside Core 3, Core 4, and Mechanics 1.  I devised a 5 week plan to cover the entire course in an hour per week.  This centred on 5 one-page summary sheets for five broad areas.  For some reason the sheets being handwritten and unpolished appeals to me, and to the student; even the crossings out and amendments seem to lend them more authenticity as working documents and this activity also takes place while talking through the sheets. The discipline of fitting everything on to one A4 sheet is also a positive.  A small selection aimed at S1 Edexcel is below – Bivariate data and Representing and summarising data. This represents 40% of the course. I neglected to copy the others, on Probability, Discrete Random Variables and Normal Distribution, before leaving them with the student but the intention here was to offer the idea rather a complete set of notes.



All the best,

Steve Fearnley

Steve Fearnley, MA MEd PGCE, has been a maths teacher for over 30 years as well as being a deputy headteacher. He is now a private maths tutor, covering KS3 up to A Level, as well as an author for both and our brand new AQA GCSE Maths Student Books.