Mastery with MyMaths KS3

Can you teach a mastery curriculum with your existing resources? Here’s how one school have done just that….

We recently spoke to Mark Osmond, Head of Maths at Kings’ School Winchester, about how his department are using MyMaths for KS3 to help them employ a mastery approach to teaching mathematics. Thanks to Mark and the rest of the team at Kings’, we’re delighted to be able to share examples of their approach with you.

The school has developed its own set of level criteria across all subject areas they’ve called the Kings’ Pathway. For Maths, the department designed a structured curriculum mapped out across all phases, with three ability bands and sequenced routes through years 7, 8 and 9.


Their ‘Mastery Map’ follows the MyMaths for KS3 order of topics very closely (Whole numbers and decimals; Measure, perimeter and area; Expressions and formulae etc.). Students are not differentiated by the topics taught, but instead take a different route through the books depending on whether they’re in the Foundation, Intermediate or Higher band. The parallel nature of MyMaths for KS3 works well with this approach as each ability band can access the same topics at different levels.

Kings school mastery map_v2

Kings’ use the student book MyReview and MyPractice features at the end of each chapter for summative assessment, consolidation and revision. They have created a Gradesheet that allows them to track progress, identify areas of weakness and assign target grades based on these scores.

Kings school mastery gradesheet_v2

Linked to activities in the MyMaths for KS3 books and online resources, Kings’ have also developed their own feedback sheets, providing opportunities for practice and self-assessment both at home and in school.

Kings school mastery feedback sheet_v2

The Maths team have adapted their three-tier mastery scheme at KS3 for Foundation and Higher GCSE, allowing them to implement the Kings’ Pathway across five years. For consistency, Kings’ use OUP’s AQA GCSE Maths student books and online resources to help them deliver this approach.

About Kings’ School

Kings’ is an Outstanding 11-16 Community School in Winchester. If you’re interested in their mastery approach and want to find out more about the Kings’ Pathway, they’ll be updating information on their website soon. In the meantime, keep up to date with the Maths department on Twitter.

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