Kerboodle content showcase

Throughout December we showcased a different example of Kerboodle content each day. In case you missed it, here are the links to each item. The team hope you enjoy them!

If you are new to Kerboodle and want to find out more then please take a look here and get in touch to arrange a free in-school demonstration.


Ignite English Day What Link
Will Gompertz interview 1 Film
Muddled tenses 4 Word doc
Fiona MacPherson interview 7 Film
Conjunctions 11 Interactive
Phil Jarrett KS3 Interview 13 film
1.4 ‘The Song of the Dead’ by Rudyard Kipling 15 Word doc
Teaching Literature film 20 Film
Becoming an engineer. Tom Worsley Interview 24 Film 
Living Literacy
We are all teachers of literacy 10 Film
2.1 Literacy success factor grid 14 Word doc
Just a minute 23 Word doc
AQA GCSE English
A Christmas Carol literature guide 3 Word doc
Phil Jarrett CPD interview 5 Film
Paper 1: Challenging the question 8 Interactive
Sample exam paper for Paper 1 12 Word doc
Inverted commas and direct speech 17 Interactive
Checklist for unseen poems 19 Word doc
Eduqas GCSE English
Spot the spelling mistake 2 Interactive
Lesson planning support 6 Word doc
Assessment: Writing 9 Word doc
How can we help students to become better readers of texts? Michelle Doran interview 16 Film
Macbeth exam-guide and activities 18 Word doc
Glossary of literary terms 21 Word doc
Essential Anthologies
Annotating a text for movement and gesture 22 Word doc