September Reading List: Perilous Piracy

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Ahoy me maties! Batten down the hatches for another monthly booklist, this month in honour of everyone’s most treasured September holiday: Talk Like A Pirate Day! Walk the plank and dive head first into ten treacherous tales of perilous adventure – from a crew of pirate pooches to the infamous Captain Hook, there’s something for every child in this month’s reading list. Anchors aweigh!

salty dogs coverSalty Dogs

Ages 2+

The Salty Dogs make their debut in this laugh-out-loud quest through the Pirate Islands. As they search for tempting treasure, the crew must sail through thundery seas and challenge their rivals. Will the pack succeed in becoming the top dogs of the Pirate Islands?

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sky thieves coverSky Thieves

Ages 9+

We join Zoya Delarose as she is smuggled high above the clouds in the dead of night, aboard a mysterious ship with a band of Sky Thieves. There are swash-buckling sword fights and quests for lost treasure in this gripping pirate fantasy. Along with author Dan Walker’s other thrilling tale, Desert Thieves, these stories are perfect for the adventurous spirit in all children reading independently.

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Peter Pan CoverPeter Pan

Oxford Level: 18-19

Wendy and her brothers join Peter Pan on a journey of adventure and bravery, as they encounter the perilous Captain Cook and his motley crew! There’s petrifying pirates and lost boys, magical mermaids and enchanting fairies in the cherished world of Neverland. Beloved children’s author Geraldine McCaughrean brings a beautiful foreword to this classic tale for children and adults, so there’s something to entertain pretend pirates young and old!

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Treasure Island coverTreasure Island

Series: TreeTops Classics

Oxford Level: 17

Jim Hawkins sets off on a treacherous quest for lost treasure, but there’s danger ahead for the young pirate… This adaption of Robert Louis Stevenson’s tremendous tale revives the action and brings back our favourite seafarers, including the legendary Long John Silver. TreeTops Classics enrich your children’s reading, and give them the opportunity to learn about pirates that have stood the test of time!

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Parrots of the Caribbean coverParrots of the Caribbean

Series: TreeTops Chucklers

Oxford Level: 11

Shiver me timbers! Doghouse Dave has been stranded on a desert island and left to fend for himself… but he’s not alone. Our young pirate meets the wickedest crew of them all, and sets off on a thrilling, fast-paced adventure through a parrot-ridden paradise! Encourage children to read for pleasure with hilarious fiction from Chucklers.

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Steam Pirates CoverSteam Pirates

Series: Project X Alien Adventures

Oxford Level: 18

Everyone’s favourite heroes embark on another heart-stopping adventure – this time in a galaxy full of pirates! Can they help Captain Crankshaft and his gang of pirates survive the terrifying super-cannon that faces them? The fearless Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger are ready for the challenge! Project X is a carefully levelled series, and even inspires reluctant children to take the plunge into reading.

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can it really rain frogs coverCan it Really Rain Frogs?

Series: Project X Origins

Oxford Level: 18

In 1795, three boys discover a treasure trail on Oak Island… Over 200 years later and there’s still no sign of gold! From tales of puzzling treasure hunts to Everest expeditions, this non-fiction collection of marvellous mysteries will leave you questioning all the wonders of the world!

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Grace the Pirate cover

Grace the Pirate

Series: TreeTops Fiction

Oxford Level: 14

Our wild young heroine Grace Barry is determined to join the pirates aboard the Sea Devil, but Captain Cutthroat is threatening to throw her overboard! In a whirlwind story of adventure, Grace embarks on her mission… but will she succeed in the stormy seas?

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Pirates cover


Series: Project X Origins

Oxford Level: 9

Who were the most perilous pirates of the sea? Where did they travel and what did they steal? Venture aboard Blackbeard’s ship, sneak below the deck to the crew’s quarters and discover the most tantalizing treasure in Pirates! Project X Origins makes reading immersive for boys and perfectly blends fiction and fact.

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Moonfleet coverMoonfleet

Series: TreeTops Classics

Oxford Level: 16

Yo ho ho! It’s the last of our treasured titles: J. Meade Faulkner’s wonderful Moonfleet. When orphan John Trenchard stumbles upon his town’s dark underworld of treasure smuggling, he is immediately thrown into danger. Will his epic adventure be worth it in the end? Find out in another TreeTops Classics!

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What’s Next?

That’s all for now! Come back next month as we venture into the galaxy and celebrate World Space Week, with ten new astronomical titles for your October booklist!

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