June Reading List: Marvellous Magic

Happy June, everyone! We hope you’re all having a magical summer so far. This month’s reading list is all about – you guessed it – marvellously magical tales to keep the little ones reading over the summer months. So, let’s take a (magic) wand-er through this spell-binding book list that will capture any child’s heart!

Baba Yaga cover

Baba Yaga
Series: Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales
Oxford Level: 7

In this version of the Russian tale, Natasha is sent by her evil step-mother into the woods to visit the terrifying witch Baba Yaga. But Natasha’s act of kindness, when she gives her food to Baba Yaga’s starving cat, gets her the magical tools that might just save her life… But will Natasha outwit Baba Yaga before she gets eaten?

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Isadora Goes to School
Age 5+

Half fairy, half vampire, totally unique! Isadora Moon is a very special girl, but when the time comes to start school, Isadora isn’t sure where she belongs – fairy school or vampire school? What will she decide? Your younger readers will fall in love with this stunningly-illustrated tale that can’t help but sparkle.

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Rabbits, Hats and Secrets
Series: Oxford Reading Tree inFact
Oxford Level: 9

Want to learn some real life magic tricks to amaze your friends? This book offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how magic tricks are performed. Follow the step-by-step instructions to perform your very own mysterious illusions, and even learn how to saw a paper person in half.

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Tom’s Midnight Garden
Age: 9+

Late at night, Tom hears the old grandfather clock downstairs strike eleven, twelve, thirteen?! How strange! When Tom gets up to investigate, he discovers a magical garden. A garden that everyone told him didn’t exist. A garden that only he can enter. Introduce your readers to this timeless classic about Tom’s adventures in his secret, midnight garden.

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The Magic Key
Series: Oxford Reading Tree Biff, Chip and Kipper
Oxford Level: 5

Join firm Oxford Reading Tree favourites Biff and Chip for an adventure that children will adore. In The Magic Key, Chip discovers a key inside a box. When he shows Biff, it suddenly starts to glow and they both shrink in size. Their magical adventures are about to begin! Take your children on a reading journey through a series that has enchanted children for over 30 years.

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The Tempest
Series: TreeTops Classics
Oxford Level: 17

Introduce readers to the magic of Shakespeare in this story-format retelling of The Tempest. Prospero, the Duke of Milan and his daughter Miranda are banished to an island of magic and mystery. While they are there, Prospero becomes a powerful wizard and devotes his time to seeking justice. Enrich and stretch your advanced readers with an introduction to this centuries-old story from TreeTops Classics.

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The Magic Paintbrush
Series: Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales

Oxford Level: 5

Transport your readers with this retelling of a Chinese folk tale. In return for a kind deed, an old man gives Ho a magic paintbrush. The paintbrush makes things become real. A greedy farmer wants the paintbrush for himself, but Ho manages to send him away and for the paintbrush to help those who deserve it.

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Night Speakers
Age: 9+

When everyone is asleep, the world becomes your playground… Elena, Matt, and Tima wake up at exactly the same time every night. It’s becoming too much – until they find each other. When they meet, they discover what else they share. They have the power to speak any language, even communicate with animals. And what they learn with this power has the potential to change their lives.

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The Children of Lir
Series: Oxford Reading Tree: Traditional Tales

Oxford Level: 9

Ignite your readers’ imaginations with this retelling of the traditional Irish fairy-tale, The Children of Lir. In this story, the wicked queen uses magic to get rid of her stepchildren by turning them into swans and banishing them from their home. Will their father be able to find them by the sound of their beautiful music?  And will they ever be able to break the spell and come home?

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East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Series: Oxford Reading Tree: Traditional Tales
Oxford Level: 9

East of the Sun, West of the Moon is a gorgeously-illustrated retelling of a classic Norwegian fairy-tale. Astrid is taken away from her starving family by a mysterious white bear who takes her to his castle… but when Astrid wakes in the night to find a sleeping prince by her bed, she begins to wonder if the bear and the prince could be one and the same. When he is taken from her by Long Nose the witch, can Astrid rescue her prince with the help of friends she meets on her journey?

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Thanks for reading, we hope you all have a most marvellous month. Join us next month for our Powerful Poetry post!

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