Back to School Tips: Ros Wilson

We asked Ros Wilson for her top back to school tips, and here’s what she came up with!

Ros Wilson

  • Greet every member of the staff team warmly (at some point) and take time to ask how their summer was, even though you are desperately busy.
  • Notice public displays around school and thank and praise when changed, or advise if needed.
  • Miss nothing…. KNOW your school and staff.

  • If you know it is right and it works, it is a ‘JDI’ – Just Do It!
  • Never accept anyone saying anything like ‘You can’t do it in this school / in this community / with these children / with these parents.’ You can do everything with everyone everywhere, you might just need to be a bit more creative / think a bit harder / break down some barriers / be a bit more persuasive and above all, make things more exciting and interesting.
  • Plan, plan and plan some more… The more thoroughly you know what you are teaching, the better you can respond to the reactions of the children.
  • Wear something you feel ‘good’ in when you are going to be observed.
  • Smile every day.
  • Don’t let the small things go – they will turn into big things.
  • Ask questions – don’t work in isolation.
  • Always be early, then you’ll never be late.
  • Always remember – it’s all about the children!

Ros Wilson is the creator of the Big Writing pedagogy and the Oxford Reading and Writing Criterion Scales, most recently working on the Oxford Primary Reading and Writing Assessment Handbooks. She has over 45 years’ experience in education, including 27 years in schools, 10 years in senior management positions and 14 years in advisory and inspection work. Ros now focuses on writing and her consultancy within Andrell Education, specialising in training, advising and support work in schools.