August Reading List: Fantastic Friendships

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Pencil cases are stocked, lunchboxes are packed and school bags are underfoot – it must be the start of a brand-new school year! And what better time to think about one of the most important parts of school life – the friendships that children form as they grow up?

The August Reading List is filled with our ten favourite tales of fantastic friendships to inspire readers as they return to school. So break into tomorrow’s lunchbox for a snack, sit back, relax and enjoy… and don’t forget to share your favourite stories with a friend afterwards!

Geek tragedy book cover
Happyville High: Geek Tragedy

Happyville High may seem like the perfect school, but scratch beneath the surface and there’s something really weird going on. When the popular kids start growing extra-long spaghetti arms it’s time for super nerds – Tyler, Dylan, and Ashley – to put their geek powers to the test and find the cause. Will the three friends find out what’s going on and solve the mystery?

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth cover

Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Project X Origins
Oxford Level: 16

This reworking of the classic tale by Jules Verne sees Alex, Graüben and Professor Lidenbrock head off for an adventure in the Earth’s core. As they battle monsters and drift on a raft on an underground sea, will they ever find their way back home? Immerse even the most reluctant of readers in this title from the ground-breaking Project X Origins.

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Creature Teacher CoverCreature Teacher

Jake’s class have the best teacher in the whole world, Mr Hyde. There’s just one teeny, tiny, HUGE problem. Mr Hyde transforms into a naughty creature whenever he becomes upset! Unlike most kids, Jake’s class are desperate to keep their teacher, so they will have to use all their ingenuity to hide the creature and stop the secret from getting out! Will they succeed? Join Jake and his friends as they do their best to hide Mr Hyde!

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Making a Stand coverMaking a Stand
Series: Project X Origins
Oxford Level: 12

As Dr X plots another evil plan against the micro-friends, Dani Day is the only one who can warn Ant, Max, Cat and Tiger of their imminent danger. Can she evade the X-bots and alert them? This title from Project X Origins is an action-packed story that will engage children right from the very start!

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The Bully cover image

The Bully
Oxford Reading Tree Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories
Oxford Level: 7

A new girl called Rosie has started at school. She isn’t very nice and she gets Chip into trouble. When the children go on a magical adventure Rosie learns a valuable lesson about being a bully. Help children learn about bullying from Oxford Reading Tree classics.

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The Image Maker cover

The Image Maker
Series: Project X Alien Adventures
Oxford Level: 11

The micro-friends meet Sprocket, a lonely robot who helps them to escape from the Krools. But Sprocket turns out not to be as friendly as they think when he tries to make the friends his prisoners. Make the most of these carefully-levelled books with detailed inside cover notes to increase the confidence of even the most reluctant of readers.

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Secret garden coverThe Secret Garden
Series: TreeTops Classics
Oxford Level: 15

This adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s story tells the tale of a girl sent to live with her uncle in England after the death of her parents in India. She befriends her very ill cousin and the children discover a secret garden which becomes their own world. Enjoy this classic title adapted especially for junior readers by top children’s authors.

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A Shock for Nok coverA Shock for Nok
Project X Alien Adventures
Oxford Level: 4

When Tiger plays a trick on Nok, Nok wants to get his own back! Will Tiger learn a lesson? Blast off on an independent reading journey with this exciting adventure from Project X Alien Adventures featuring the gang’s brand-new micro friend Nok the alien.

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Horace and Harriet cover image

Horace and Harriett

Harriet is seven and seven eighths. Horace is seventeenth century. And a STATUE! When Harriet is about to go on a family mini-break to Italy, Horace goes missing from his plinth. Harriet discovers why as soon as she arrives in Rome: Horace has rocked up in one of the city’s squares! And, true to form, he’s making quite an exhibition of himself! Find out what happens next in this rollicking read.

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The Demon Headmaster cover imageThe Demon Headmaster

Something weird is happening at school. The children are too well behaved – almost like robots. What strange power does the eerie headmaster hold over them, and can anyone resist? Or are Dinah, Lloyd, and Harvey doomed to become part of the Demon Headmaster’s dark plan? Join Dinah as she starts her brand-new school and discover why The Demon Headmaster adventures have enthralled children for years.

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That’s all for August! Thanks for reading, and join us next month as we celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with ten more swashbuckling tales!

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