5 reasons to try Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a catch-up and intervention programme for 9 to 13 year olds who are still struggling with learning to read. Especially designed to engage and motivate older learners with age-appropriate resources, it’s proven to give them a fresh start with reading and writing.

Here are five reasons to try Read Write Inc. Fresh Start in your primary or secondary school.

1. Proven to accelerate progress

Fresh Start teaches students to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension, to spell correctly and to compose their ideas for writing step-by-step. Using a proven phonics-based approach, developed by Ruth Miskin, it accelerates progress with finely-levelled Modules, supplemented by age-appropriate Anthologies. A five-and-a-half month trial conducted by the Education Endowment Foundation found that learners being supported by the Fresh Start programme made three months’ additional progress in reading, when measured using the New Group Reading Test.

2. Success from the start

Engaging stories and non-fiction texts in the Fresh Start Modules and Anthologies are matched to students’ increasing phonic knowledge and familiarity with ‘tricky’ words, so that they experience success from the very beginning and quickly grow in confidence. Each text is read and discussed several times, developing fluency, alongside a range of comprehension and writing activities that provide practice in the sounds and graphemes taught in the phonics lessons. Lively magazine-format Anthologies provide further phonics practice in school or at home.

The small, supportive Fresh Start groups build confidence and give pupils the opportunity to thrive.

Fresh Start Lead at King Edward VI Academy, a secondary school in Lincolnshire

3. Confident composition

Alongside reading, Fresh Start students are taught spelling, vocabulary and grammar. They rapidly build up their spelling knowledge and are soon able to spell complex words confidently. Writing every day, students rehearse out loud what they want to write sentence-by-sentence, until they are confident enough to write independently, drawing on their increasing phonic knowledge. The breadth of vocabulary introduced in their reading soon leads to an adventurous choice of words in their writing too.

4. Support the students who need it most

Fresh Start can be delivered flexibly, depending on the number of students who need support, and the number of staff available. A clear structure helps you fit it into your timetable, with step-by-step guidance for all lessons and day-by-day lesson plans. Students are assessed and grouped according to their phonic knowledge, with integrated ongoing assessment, so that you can ensure that every student makes the best possible progress.

5. Intensive tutoring

Fast Track Tutoring breaks down the Fresh Start programme into smaller steps to provide focused catch-up support for individuals or pairs. Tutor Packs and take-home Student Packs at three different levels, supported by expert training, allow tutors to intensively target specific gaps in a student’s reading to help them make speedy progress. Offering 25 minutes per day of intensive tuition, Fast Track Tutoring is particularly useful if your school has low numbers of struggling readers at different starting points.

To find out more about Read Write Inc. Fresh Start, including the training available from Ruth Miskin Training, visit our website.