Takeaways from GA Conference 2021

As the Easter holidays arrived, so too did the annual Geographical Association Conference. This year it was fully virtual and, naturally, many of us were perhaps questioning how this would work: would it have the same community feel? Would there still be opportunities for networking? Would it have the same ‘buzz’? As I write this, […]

Strictly RE 2021 – Dawn Cox

Strictly RE

It’s hard to believe that it’s a year ago that RE teachers were gathered at a hotel in outer London for Strictly RE 2020. Little did we know how things would change for Strictly RE 2021. Everything has moved online and it’s already begun! This year, NATRE have thought carefully about how they can support […]

Practising Retrieval


How many of our students rely mainly on reading through notes or revision guides, thinking this is how to revise? Unfortunately they are practising recognition, not free recall, and it can be very misleading. They feel they know the material because they have learnt it a few months ago and recognise it, but this is […]