Character Insights: Gerald Croft

Character Insight: Gerald Croft & the Inspector

Part of our series of posts that focus on a key character from exam set texts. Offering alternative interpretations and insights, these are ideal for sharing with students as they revise and prepare for their English Literature exams. ‘Everything’s all right now, Sheila.’ For me, Gerald Croft is in many ways the most interesting character […]

Summary of key issues for Edexcel GCSE RS 2019:

MFL GCSE exam insight

The examiners’ reports for the 2019 series reported many positives from candidate responses, and give lots of examples of excellent answers. They also noted some common areas where candidates could improve their work. There are summaries below to help students avoid this for future exams. 1: Part a) questions. Students generally answer these questions well. […]

Making GCSE Science relevant

Oxford Smart AQA GCSE Sciences cover detail

A quick search to find and compare the figures for young people taking STEM subjects at further and higher education paints a somewhat ambiguous picture. On the one hand, the DfE suggests record numbers of young people are being accepted onto STEM undergraduate courses1; significantly up from similar figures a decade ago. On the other […]