Half term activities for dinosaur-mad children

Kathy Webb, Managing Editor here at OUP Children’s Books, and editor of the fantastic Dinosaur Cove series, shares some dino-tastic diversions for half term!

Kathy WebbIf you’re anything like me, you’ll approach the half term holidays with mixed emotions. If you’re lucky enough to have some time off work, it’s great. Otherwise there’s the usual hunt for holiday playschemes, flexible working hours and willing friends and relatives to get you through the week. But even when you do have some time off to enjoy with your children, there’s then the dilemma of what on earth to do with them to keep them amused for a whole day/week! And preferably something that won’t cost too much money.

Museums are the obvious place to go and I have spent many a happy hour in my local natural history museum looking at the amazing dinosaur skeletons with my dinosaur-mad son. And then there’s the library—where we’d seek out all the dinosaur-based books we could find. So when I started work on the Dinosaur Cove series I knew that these books were going to be a real hit with dinosaur fans everywhere. My son is eleven-years-old now, but I think even at this age I might be able to persuade him to have a go at making his own erupting volcano or, better still, some edible dinosaur poo! So why not unleash some dinosaur-based activities on your children this half term and have some fun with dung!


Activity taken from the new Dinosaur Cove Cretaceous Survival Guide, out now.


New editions of the first three books in the Dinosaur Cove series are also out now, with lovely new covers, and free collector cards and a bookmark inside.

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Visit the new Dinosaur Cove website for lots more fun and games to keep the children entertained over half term. They can:

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