Let’s make geographical connections

Image of geysir

‘Making Geographical Connections’ was the theme for this year’s Geographical Association Annual Conference , attended by 750 enthusiastic geographers. We spent two days attending lectures, taking part in workshops, discovering new resources and sharing ideas for the teaching of primary and secondary geography. This was my third time at the conference and I came away with plenty of inspiration […]

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Choosing new geography specifications


Times are changing in secondary education thanks to government reforms: around the country new AS, A Level and GCSE courses will be being from September 2016. At the time of writing,  all GCSE specifications have been accredited. But, only Pearson (Edexcel) has been accredited at AS and A Level, with AQA, OCR and Eduqas on their third submissions to Ofqual. For those who are yet to decide which specification to follow, the Geographical Association has a wealth […]

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“If the world were good for nothing else, it is a fine subject for speculation” William Hazlitt (1823)

Coastal landform photo

Asking pupils to speculate on facts, formations or processes at the beginning of a lesson can spark curiosity and is a technique that can be used within an ISM starter (a strategy outlined in my previous blog posts). A relatively easy technique to implement into any lesson, Roberts (2013) discusses the power of speculation at length in […]

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