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Oxford is a leading educational publisher, producing books and digital resources for UK and international schools and colleges. We publish a wide range of curriculum-based school and home learning resources for Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education. You can find out more about them here.

We’ve assembled a team of education experts to make it easier for teachers and learners to support each other and share ideas through this blog. We want you to be part of this community, so please get involved, share your passion for your subject and tell us what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Hello, we’re Oxford University Press

  1. Briena says:

    Thank you for free access to quality articles and materials! I am lucky to have accidentally found you!

  2. Miriam says:

    thank U for all your free resources and articles !! I´m glad bieng suscribed to you!
    everuthing is so interested and make me a good trainer teacher at school and as a private teacher for my adult students !!

  3. Rob Parker says:

    Dear Oxford Education team,

    I really enjoy reading the blog and am very keen to submit a guest post. How can I found out more information?

    Thanks a lot, Rob

  4. SHARAD BEHAR says:

    i am joining now. looking forward to learning with the Oxford Team.

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