Top tips to support remote learning – Martha O’Dell

remote learning

With last week’s decision to close schools leaving teachers across the country reeling, we’ve compiled some ‘top tips’ to help facilitate the transition to remote learning.    Firstly, instructions are everything  Setting clear instructions and success criteria will be crucial to avoid a tsunami of emails asking the same thing and in providing zero excuses for pupils looking to avoid work. Model answers […]

Return to the Classroom: Conversations with teachers

Conversations with Teachers in Holland and Denmark Lisette Martin, International Professional Development Manager at Oxford, talked with teachers Anniek Bruijnzeels from Holland, Camilla Juulsgaard and Louise Hojen from Denmark, about their experiences in returning to the classroom following recent school closures as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown. How did the lockdown impact Anniek, Camilla, […]

Return to the classroom

Getting back to the classroom

Finding focus in the new academic year When we published the blogs related to remote learning, the one question we asked ourselves is what we could do as publishers to help teachers preparing for a return to school in September. Here Aaron Wilkes and Lindsay Bruce explain some of the ways that OUP might help […]

Getting back to the classroom

Getting back to the classroom

Since early March, the subject of school closures and reopenings has dominated the news, as well as conversations between teachers, parents and students. They say that a week is a long time in politics; four months in education has felt like a rollercoaster! Whilst schools have remained open for vulnerable and key workers’ children – […]

Simple strategies for September

here to help with September planning transition

This is the first time in my twenty-year career as an English teacher that I can’t picture the start of the academic year. My memories of September’s new uniforms, shiny pencil cases and pristine planners feel contradictory and outdated, and the future feels unpredictable. With a few simple strategies I can start to plan for […]

Identifying gaps and catching-up

Sarah Eggleton suggests some strategies and tips to help you plan how to assess your students, identifying gaps and start the process of catching-up. Lockdown has resulted in the majority of students having received only 6 months of face to face education this year. We know it has hit those children who are disadvantaged the […]